What is a personalized mortgage?


A personalized mortgage is when your loan officer takes the time to talk to you about your family’s goals and then helps you achieve them by creating a loan based on your personalized needs. Concord Home Mortgage knows how to ask the critical questions that enable them to get you the perfect mortgage.


For example, you contact us seeking a standard 30 year loan. However, based on your individual needs, a shorter mortgage may make more sense. Concord Home Mortgage is able to personalize your mortgage for any term between 8 and 30 years, whatever best enables you to reach your goals.


Look at the example below:


30 year fixed rate mortgage                           28 year fixed rate mortgage

Interest Rate 3.5%                                            Interest rate 3.5%

$200,000 loan amount                                    $200,000 loan amount

Monthly payment $898                                   Monthly payment $934


For a mere $36 per month, the mortgage would be paid in full in only 28 years. That could allow you to retire a full 2 years earlier!


Even if you are planning to sell before 30 years, you will accumulate equity at a rate of 2 years faster so when you go to sell, you’ll have that much more equity in the property.


If you know you’re going to sell the house within the next 5 years does a 30 year fixed rate mortgage make sense?


A 5/1 ARM or a 7/1 ARM may provide a better option as ARM’s usually come with lower interest rates.


These are just a couple of the many options Concord Home Mortgage has to personalize your mortgage.  


Let Concord Home Mortgage personalize your mortgage to keep the most money in your pocket. 


Concord Personalized Home Mortgages are perfect for YOU!

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