Concord Home Mortage proudly offers Streamline Advantage a great way to refinance without needing a credit score.

NO CREDIT SCORE REQUIREMENTS - if you haven't been more than 30 days late on your mortgage more than once in the last 12 months you are credit qualified.  We don't even look at your credit report only your mortgage history!

NO INCOME REQUIREMENTS - doesn't matter how much money you make we do not verify any income at all. As long as we can verify you have a job verbally you qualify. No paytubs, No W-2's, No Tax Returns

NO APPRAISAL - doesn't matter what your house is worth or what it looks like. No worries about paying for an appraisal and having the house come in low. We go by the value the day you took the loan so the value always works.

FHA streamline mortgage refinancing presents you with many significant advantages. Following is a brief description of the benefits available to you:

  1. Lower Interest Rates                        
  2. Lower Monthly Payments
  3. Refinance with little or no Cost to you.

Now that you understand the amazing advantages of the FHA streamline refinance, we invite you to fill out an application and speak to a FHA Streamline Mortgage Expert.


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